Kill Shakespeare: First Folio

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Expected release date is Sep 23rd 2024

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An action-adventure story that combines all of Shakespeare’s greatest heroes and villains, including Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, Lady Macbeth, Richard III and more. A grieving Hamlet flees his home but is soon attacked by pirates at sea. He washes ashore on the mysterious land of Illyria and is discovered by Richard III and Lady MacBeth, who offer the Dane an impossible bargain: track down and kill an evil wizard the to retrieve a source of power that can bring Hamlet’s father back from the dead.

The name of that wizard? William Shakespeare.

Hamlet embarks on the quest, only to discover that Richard may not be what he seems, and that a group of rebels led by a young woman named Juliet (working alongside Othello, Falstaff and others) might be just freedom fighters. Hamlet finds himself in the midst of a large battle where his decision to kill or not to kill Shakespeare will determine not only the future of Illyria but of all of existence.

Created by Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Del Col (Luke Cage: Everyman, I Escaped a Chinese Internment Camp) alongside Conor McCreery (Assassin’s Creed) and with art by Andy Belanger, this First Folio collects the first two volumes of the acclaimed graphic novel series that spawned an international theater show, a board game and more.


352 Pages

Full Color

Soft Cover

On Sale: September 24, 2024


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