Overstreet's Comic Price Review

Overstreet's Comic Price Review

2003-2005    17 Issues

While the annual Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is the universally accepted authority on comic book back issue pricing, changing dynamics in the world of comic book collecting created a need for specialized data targeting the high-end of the market.

The advent of CGC grade certification and the emergence of major new auction venues specializing in vintage comic books called for a first-of-its-kind publication dedicated to covering the then-emerging market for comics that had been certified and encapsulated by independent, third party grading services such as CGC. The solution was Overstreet's Comic Price Review, a monthly publication specializing in tracking the tumultuous market for certified comic books graded at 9.4 and higher. With Market Reports from Overstreet Advisors, as well as pricing, OCPR covered the growth of the market for certified comics spanning the history of the medium.

OCPR incorporated information and reports from not only the highest profile auctions, its staff also conducted interviews with dealers at convention, retail stores and followed sales trends on eBay with a near fanatical mindset. Each issue also has memorable dealer and auction advertisements. In addition to comic books and comic art, it also covered character related memorabilia.

This newsletter-formatted magazine added glossy illustrated color covers with the 7th issue.

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