OWL Card

"Overstreet Whiteness Level" comic book grading-assist card, originally available as an insert with The Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide 1st Edition. Used for assessing page color of vintage comic books. *FREE SHIPPING is via USPS 1st Class Mail ONLY!*


Originally produced in conjunction with the First Edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, the OWL (or "Overstreet's Whiteness Level") Card is a comic book grading tool used to evaluate paper color.

On the reverse side is the ONE (or Overstreet's Numerical Equivalent") Card, which translates the traditional letter grades into their equivalent values on a 100-point numerical grading scale. Predating today's commonly used 10-point numerical grading scale by about 10 years, the 100-point scale was an unsuccessful early attempt to apply a more scientific standard to the comic book grading process.

The OWL/ONE Card comes sealed in its original foil packaging.


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OWL Card
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