Overstreet's Fan # 9 - Marvel vs. DC

February 1996 - Incorrectly labeled as #8 on the front cover
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February 1996          Cover: Dan Jurgens & Josef Rubenstein


It’s the big Marvel vs. DC issue, Overstreet’s FAN #9, in which “The Age of Heroes” details Image Comics founders Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld and their return to Marvel for the Heroes Reborn initiative, Dan Jurgens and Peter David talk DC Versus Marvel, we spell out the top 10 crossovers that will never happen, profile Mike Allred and Madman, interview Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen, take a look at undervalued “sleeper” comics, chat with Star Wars author Timothy Zahn, observe Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch, and help Neil Gaiman and sculptor Lisa Snellings team up, plus we also share market reports, pricing updates and more.