Hopalong Cassidy: An American Legend

This book is many books in one. Most of all, it is a love story that reads like a fairy tale.
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A twelve year-old girl goes to the movies in Brooklyn with her mother in 1926. The girl sees a larger-than-life image on the screen of actor William Boyd, and she falls madly in love. She writes his name in her school books. She starts collecting articles about him in movie magazines. She fantasizes that someday she will marry him. The girl is Grace Bradley.             

In 1931 a talent scout from Paramount Pictures sees Grace dancing in a New York cabaret and offers her a screen test. She is immediately signed to a contract with Paramount and moves to Hollywood with her mother. She still thinks of William Boyd, but makes no attempt to contact him after she is living in Hollywood.              

In 1937 her phone rings and the voice on the other end says “This is William Boyd. May I speak to Grace Bradley?” Grace is shocked and thinks someone is playing a joke on her until she hears the famous Bill Boyd laugh, then she knows it is the real thing. Three weeks later to the day, they are married.

The book is co authored by Grace Bradley Boyd (widow of actor William Boyd) and Michael Cochran.