Comic Book Marketplace - Volume 3

2001-2005     38 Issues

Following the departure of founder and editor Gary Carter, Comic Book Marketplace went on hiatus for a few months as its fate was decided. Coincidentally around that time, Russ Cochran and his team in the Missouri office of Gemstone had just wrapped their EC Comics reprint program.

Gemstone Publishing found itself with a California-based magazine without an editor and production team, and a Missouri-based editor and production team without a publication to produce.

So the decision was made to produce Comic Book Marketplace out of the Missouri office, under the editorial direction of Russ Cochran. Publication resumed with issue #84, cover-dated August 2001, and ran through issue #121, cover-dated May 2005. Several issues of Volume 3 were produced with more than one cover option.

Issue #121 was the 100th issue published by Gemstone, as well as the final issue of Comic Book Marketplace as a regular ongoing publication.

In March 2011, a new version of CBM was released as a special edition in a smaller comic book sized format, the first in an ongoing series of themed one-shot specials. This new first issue was published in coordination with and in support of a special exhibition at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, and copies are available in our Special Editions section.