Comic Book Marketplace Volume 3 # 90 - Cover C

April 2002
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April 2002          Cover: Frank Miller - Detail from the cover of The Dark Knight Returns #1

Featured Articles include: “Mystery of the Missing Super Teams!” By Jeff Gelb, “Quit Blaming Frank Miller!?!” By J.C. Vaughn, “Voices of Patriotism”, Bob Lubbers interviewed by Alberto Becattini, a George Perez interview by Bill Baker and more.

Regular columns include: Adventures into Weird Words by Pat S. Calhoun, Nolan’s Notebook (Prince Valiant) by Michelle Nolan, The Naiman Report, CBM MarketWatch and Reports by Michael Naiman, Funnies Farrago by R.C. Harvey, Oddball Comics by Scott Shaw, The Greatest Comic Book Ever! by Mark Squirek, Collectible Character Statues by Mike Wilbur and more!